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We are an artisan flower arrangement supplier for intimate social events, small weddings, business events and regular office or business accounts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded by our larger mother company - Shotgun Floral Studio - our goal is, and will always be, to provide artisan style flowers for those who appreciate good craftsmanship but might not have a lot of time or stylistic preferences. We offer what we feel is a harmonious alliance between customer personalization and designers choice - allowing for artisan quality floral work at affordable prices.

We focus on unique approaches and a fast-as-lighting ordering system with just the right amount of customization. We easily rival online flower suppliers and other shops that can sometimes, well, beat around the bush. We guarantee that our arrangements are unique in every sense of the word, competitively priced, thoughtfully crafted and of the highest artisan quality.    

To keep our quality elevated, our practices sustainable and our prices competitive we abide by the following rules:

  • we offer color palette, container, speciality addition and ribbon color choices

  • we ensure that every event order is completely unique and one of a kind

  • we provide primarily in-season greenery and flowers of "designers choice" that look best when we do our shopping, which keeps your costs down

  • we are dedicated to seasonal practices which ensures attention to a low carbon footprint and our dedication to local farmer and business sustainability

  • we hire amazing people with amazing design skills

  • we have a preferred practice of sourcing our product, whenever we can, from local vendors, growers and farms

Our product and ordering system is best for:

  • private events at homes or small venues

  • business gatherings

  • private dinner parties

  • intimate weddings

  • stylish backyard weddings

  • elopements at city hall

  • holiday gatherings

  • corporate meetings

  • realtor open houses

  • regular business accounts

  • showers of all types   

Are you a retail space, restaurant or office looking for weekly arrangements?  Are you interested in a monthly account?  We offer FREE DELIVERY to our regular accounts in Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland and Emeryville.  Please contact us for more information and to set up recurring flowers for your space.